The ALTernative Language
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In ALT there is no need for compile time type checking, as values and types are both the same thing. So typechecking in ALT is the same as running a program with bags of input values, as opposed to a single input value.

ALT may be the first programming language (except CUE) that has typechecking at runtime, whatever that means!

Primitive values

The following primitive values/types are available:

  • _: any value
  • number: all fraction intervals of infinite size
  • char: all character intervals of finite size
  • boolean: two boolean values, true or false
  • null: a singleton value
  • !_: not any value (none)

Compound values

More complex structures can be created with the following compound values/types:

  • sequence: an ordered sequence of values, specified by a regular expression
  • string: a sequence of char intervals
  • list: a scoped array of values with a possible infinite tail.
  • pair: the product of two values
  • struct: a scoped and ordered set of disjunct pairs