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Entertainment is Temporary Happiness, but The Real Happiness is Permanent Entertainment.

Meals and Entertainment

Hasil gambar untuk Meals and EntertainmentIf you’re a sole proprietor, you can deduct ordinary and necessary business meals and entertainment expenses. However, these expenses must be directly related to or associated with your business. If you’re an employee, you can deduct these only to the extent your employer doesn’t reimburse you.

Entertainment includes an activity that provides:

  • Amusement
  • Entertainment
  • Recreation, including meals you bought your customer or client

To meet the directly-related requirement, you must show all of these:

  • The main purpose of the entertainment was the conduct of business.
  • You engaged in business during the entertainment period.
  • You expected to get income or some other business benefit.

Your expense might not meet the directly-related requirement. If so, you might be able to deduct a meal or entertainment expense if you can meet the associated test. This test requires both of these to be true:

  • The expense is associated with the active conduct of a trade or business. So, the expense must have a clear business purpose, like:
    • Getting new business
    • Encouraging the continuation of an existing business relationship
  • You discuss a substantial amount of business before, during, or

Three Steps To Finding, Pitching And Keeping Event Sponsors

The Three Steps To Finding, Pitching And Keeping Event Sponsors

For many event organizers, event sponsors are a major source of revenue that can be the difference between a profitable event and one that is a true money pit. But regardless of your event planning experience, finding, winning and keeping great event sponsors is a poorly understood and time-consuming undertaking.

To help organizers maximize their revenue, we’ve distilled three principles from our eBook, Catching The Big Fish: The Event Sponsorship Guide, that will make securing the right sponsors easier. You can download the whole eBook here.

Step 1: Finding The Right Event Sponsors

Before you begin searching for the perfect sponsor, you’ve got to know what a great sponsor actually looks like. To do that, you must first define the purpose or vision associated with your event.For example, if you’re organizing a tech conference focused on environmental solutions, your event purpose might be “To inspire event attendees about environmental innovation.”

For example, if you’re organizing a tech conference focused on environmental solutions, your event purpose might be “To inspire event attendees about environmental innovation.”If

Event av questions you need to know

Event AV Questions You Need to Know

Imagine sitting at your desk as 4 pm nears the corner. Your stomach is growling and the only thing that will get you through the final hour of the day is a succulent PB&J sandwich. You search through your office fridge and pull out two slices of bread and a jar of jam when you realize the jar of peanut butter sitting in the door is empty!

How many times have you had the perfect plan in mind, only to have it fall apart right when you need it? In the event industry, it is especially crucial to ensure that all details are captured, prepped, and ready for the big day. One of the most commonly misinterpreted components of an event is preparing the AV set-up. To help make your event day as easy as possible, I’ve thrown together a list of Event AV questions that you need to know.


My 8 Entertaining Tips

When I threw my first dinner party at twenty-two, I was a nervous wreck. It was a simple menu (spaghetti and meatballs with a caesar salad), but the overall preparation time between buying ingredients, cooking and cleaning took me days. But when everyone was seated around my coffee table (on rolled towels, for a glamorous touch), things just clicked. It’s not about anything fancy, but rather the feeling you get when surrounded by friends eating good food. I’ve since entertained at home countless times and over the years have developed a few tried and true tips I always adhere to.

The hostess sets the tone: As a hostess, it’s your job to make everyone in your home feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re running around in a state of panic, pulling things out of the oven and cursing if something falls to the floor, your guests are going to feel like they’re an inconvenience. Instead, focus on putting out relaxed energy that reveals how happy you are to have people over. My go-to outfit that makes me feel comfortable, but simple is a long dress, a pile of bangles and bare feet.

Lighting and candles: Lighting plays a really important part in

Learn the Violin at an Advanced Music School

If you want to get the best music lesson on violin, the best school is always recommended. Being the violin a great music instrument, you have to take admission in a great school.

Everybody feels a new excitement when he learns a new skill. The talent that you have can be expressed by the practice of them through perfect guideless. When men undergo different types of knowledge and skills, you will get a great mental pleasure. This happens regardless of age and time. For learning a music lesson, there is no age bar. Someone might not get time to practice at their earlier time; however, he can learn the lesson whenever he wants. Violin lessons are such impressive and charming that you cannot understand the value of it. If you can show and express your talent, you can get change in the best music orchestra or a music broadcasting media. If you do not have the knack to join professionally to a music team, you can get the joy of solitude and can entertain the friends and relatives at home.

It is observed that learning of any kind of knowledge expands the mind and thinking process. When a person is dedicated to

History of photo Editing and some Tips on image Restoration Technique

hotography is an arrangement that has transform since the succession of camera improvement. Photos are taken for different requirements and in the ever modifying group the need for images to propose an appeal has been improved. Photographers can go away as extreme as the camera. Although it seems like the art of photography depends mostly on timing, it also is well-known by cameras in an unbelievable side as well. Through the ever-growing technology, camera has outstanding make over’s. One of the most important concerns in this pitch is when it turns industrial; photos need to be delivered/display in a certified behaviour online.

Photography has knocked a new high with the beginning of photo editing technique. Different photo editing techniques assist to different aspect of a picture. Picture editing has turned out to be an extra field of investigation considering photography plays a essential role in the industrial value of different company, fashion industry and art gallery. Since the dusk of time, mankind have been working on digital photography and picture editing, before which most of the editing took set in the shadowy room with the help of air brushes, and other art equipment.

Digital picture editing techniques like clipping path, photo retouching

3 Tips for Hosting A Zero-Waste Event

More people are concerned about the environment than ever before. That’s great news for businesses that want to target conscious consumers, but it’s also good news for their bottom line. After all, you also save money when you conserve energy and materials. Because of this increased awareness, we’ve also noticed a shift toward eco-friendly, zero waste events, which makes sense to us. If you want to scale back expenses and attract new clients at your next corporate event or conference, you may want to focus on its environmental impact. A zero-waste event, or “zeewee”, is a clever and conscientious new option for industry conferences and music festivals alike. The term applies to any organized gathering that leaves no trace behind, and there are several cost-effective (and attractive) ways to pull this off.

Distribute reusable swag

Corporate events are great opportunities for brand exposure and one reliable way to reach every attendee is to hand out freebies. If you’re organizing a bag of “swag” for each attendee or deciding which items to accept from sponsors, stick to your zero-waste policy. Instead of paying for individually packaged pencils, bottle-openers, or printing out dozens of brochures and stickers, eliminate the plastic and paper waste

4 Mandatory Event Marketing Tips

You work from the crack of dawn to the wee hours of the night to plan your events. You sacrifice sleep and sanity to ensure that every detail goes off without a hitch. But what is the point of it all if no one shows up? That’s where event marketing comes in. It’s not enough to arrange a delicious caterer and stunning setting if you can’t get people to walk through the door. If you can implement the following event marketing tips, you can be sure that your next event will be a smashing success.

1. Capitalize on Social Media

Social media is an event marketer’s dream come true. With just a few clicks of the mouse and no out-of-pocket expenses, you can spread the word about your event in a matter of minutes. Here’s how:

  • Use Facebook Events: The days of paper invitations are quickly becoming obsolete. Sure, you might still want to do them for the formality of it all, but for the sake of easy RSVP-ing and information updating, Facebook is the way to go. Their event feature lets you input all of the details, invite whomever you want, allow other people to invite their friends and even send out updates

How To Plan An Event for Millennials

As an event professional it is very important to understand how to plan an event for millennials. Millennials are the generation of people born between 1982 and 2002. “They are currently between the ages of 15 to 24 and by 2020, they will represent one-third of the global population” Talk Desk.  It is safe to say that by millennials being nearly ⅓ of the world’s population they have a lot of buying power and as an event professional you need to know how the plan an event for millennials in order to be successful. With some millennials not even adults yet, they will be your clients for a long time.

When planning an event for millennials there are three main points you need to understand; they are tech savvy, they are budget conscious, it is harder to keep their attention. We will address the above points below in our article to give you a more in-depth understanding of how to plan an event for millennials. If you understand these key points below about millennials you will be better equipped to understand how to plan an event for millennials successfully.

Millennials are Tech Savvy

Millennials are the first generation of people to grow

How To Host a Great Gatsby Party: The Revival of Vintage-Themed Parties

There’s no doubt that media influences event themes, from Despicable Me Minion cupcakes at birthday parties to Frozen, Midnight in Paris, and James Bond themed events. Themes are the perfect way to jazz up any event. They also provide flair, planning direction, and icebreakers for your guests. Themes can simplify planning, invoke excitement for those who enjoy dressing up, and bring something special to each unique function. These parties are an exciting, invigorating way to approach an otherwise boring, predictable event.

A few years ago, fashion and media revolved around a fascination with the 1940s; reminiscent of Golden Age thinking and a belief that the past was simpler, kinder, and purer. Alternatively, because the tycoons of the past knew how to party, and could take a drink any hour of the day (ie. Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire). Similarly to the 40s and the day-drinking attitude of roughish leading characters; the 20s boasted a time of excessive drinking in the face of prohibition.

“The Roaring Twenties” have risen to popularity in media with Midnight In Paris, and naturally, Baz

Engaging Audiences with Live Twitter Feeds

Social media is your gateway to untapped marketing potential. Its effectiveness, though, is dependent on how well you use it for generating a long-term rapport in your B2B or B2C interactions. The power of a 140-character tweet should not be underestimated and should be leveraged during a live event or seminar. Studies show that social media users are 71% more likely to purchase a product from a brand they’re connected with.

Incorporating a live Twitter feed for your next conference or trade show is a great way to keep the interaction with your guests flowing. The last thing you want is for your guests to become disengaged by tending to personal matters on their phone or leaving early. Learn the top strategies for using a Twitter wall to keep the attendees’ attention.

Encourage Proactivity With a Live Twitter Feed

The idea of a live Twitter feed is to encourage guests to tweet about your event as it’s in progress. It’s not enough, though, to just spread a few digital signage screens over the venue and expect an instant Twitter explosion full of tweets about how awesome your event is. Use these following tips to get the ball rolling.

1. Use an Event-Specific Hashtag


Category Event Planning Tips

History can be an amazing teacher in politics and economics, but it can also be a great way to learn from some of the best event planners who have ever lived. Take a look at 5 notable event tips from people who knew how to entertain. From Manhattan Socialites who dominated high society newspaper columns, to heads of state, to famous entertainers, our list is filled with unique individuals known for hosting amazing events. So take a second to learn from history’s greats to discover invaluable event planning tips.

1. Brooke Astor

Event Tip: One must always be poised, no matter the circumstances

Wife of millionaire, William Vincent Astor, Mrs. Astor became a fixture of New York City high society. Her numerous parties, philanthropic fundraisers, and luncheons were stuff of legend. To be invited to one of Brooke Astor’s events was to be included in a very exclusive club indeed.

Brooke Astor’s events were so popular and successful not only because she was tied to wealth, it had to do with her incredible ability to remain calm and graceful no matter the situation. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she talked about the need for a host to forget about their problems in

5 TED Talks That Will Teach You Event Design

Designing the an event space that is both functional, and pleasant to look at can be difficult. On the one hand, #eventprofs need to seat all of their attendees, on the other hand, event planners want their spaces to feel unique and sophisticated. If you can relate to this challenge, you’re in luck. Here are five Ted Talks from world leaders in design, the goal being to inspire you to create event spaces that have sophistication and style, while also being functional for your attendees. So take a look at the short and sweet videos below and inject some inspiration into your day!

Designing the an event space that is both functional, and pleasant to look at can be difficult. On the one hand, #eventprofs need to seat all of their attendees, on the other hand, event planners want their spaces to feel unique and sophisticated. If you can relate to this challenge, you’re in luck. Here are five Ted Talks from world leaders in design, the goal being to inspire you to create event spaces that have sophistication

5 Must-Do Event Planning Social Media Tips

5 -Must Do- Event Planning Social Media Tips

This guest blog post is coming from our strategic digital marketing partner, StringCan Interactive. Our team has been leveraging an amazing marketing and content automation tool called Hubspot. The goal of the tool is to act as an easy-to-use interface that will help businesses attract and engage their customers by providing them with relevant, helpful and personalized experiences. We hired StringCan to help maximize how we use Hubspot and built out an actionable plan as to how we can engage better with you, our community. We were so blown away by how smart their team was; we even did a testimonial.

We asked their digital strategist and resident social media expert, Alix Parker, to share some tips from their research on the event space we felt you would find valuable.

As StringCan’s Digital Strategy Manager, I worked closely with Endless Entertainment to develop their digital strategy. We helped them by validating their audience and created personas so they knew where and how to engage with their audience online. Working with Endless Entertainment was a blast because the

When Choosing A Hotel For Events, Go Beyond The Rate

We get it.  The economy has improved and is looking better than it has for the past several years, yet planners/travel managers/organizers are still charged with getting more for less.  However, the hotel/hospitality industry is not manufacturing.  We don’t sell parts by the millions we service individual guests each needing something completely different in order for the outcome to be successful.  The overall value in a proposal/experience especially at a hotel contains multiple layers of numbers, not just the rate.  Let’s get beyond the rate conversation and delve into what generates the value of choosing a hotel for events.
Speaking of locations, there are several factors that determine overall value and that can add or lower costs.   A hotel for events can do many things but the one thing it can’t do is move its location. Consider total travel time and additional cost.  Some of the questions to discuss are:
  • How far is a location from the airport?
  • What are the transfer costs?
  • Do you need cars when you get there?
  • Are there things to do around the hotel (restaurants, nightlife, shopping, attractions)?

It is our job as partners to ask the right questions and listen so that we can work together and then generate the

Catchbox: The Story of the Throwable Microphone

Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone. First conceived in 2012, the product has gone through a number of iterations and prototypes to finally becoming a fully working, safe and fun product that engages audiences around the world, whether they are attending conferences, workshops or lectures. Richard handles marketing & community activities for Catchbox, and he is here to tell the story of the throwable microphone.

The Root of the Problem

Whether it has been a corporate all hands meeting, a conference, or a university lecture, we have all at some point found ourselves looking at the clock and started counting down the minutes. At the beginning of our journey to create Catchbox, we looked at this problem and realised its roots; a lack of audience engagement. Instead of participating at events, audiences were left to sit quietly and listen. Not only did this make for a fairly dull atmosphere, but more importantly, a lot of the learning and productivity was being lost. After speaking with many industry experts, ranging from professional speakers to event organisers, we realised the problem of getting audiences engaged was systematic. Everyone was looking for a solution, yet a good one simply did not exist. So began

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Event Staff

The success of your next event largely depends on the event staff you hire. Have you ever hired event staff to stir up excitement, only to see them lounging in the shade with a cup of water? If the answer is yes, then you know just how important event staffing is. To ensure participants will have a blast at your next event you must find the perfect hires and location to set the right mood.

This guide shares useful tips for choosing the right events staff. Following these steps will ensure that you hire event staff members that can relate to your audience, not turn them off.

1. Hire Staff That Represents Your Brand’s Image

If you want to find those perfect people, you must open up a line of communication with them. The events staff you hire for your next seminar, promotion, conference or exhibition have to do more than just smile and answer questions. They represent the face of your brand and, assuming they are successful, they will help you build new relationships with potential clients.

Failing to communicate your vision and desires may result in the events staff representing you negatively. Ask potential candidates how they will represent your brand,

How to Become a Music Manager

How to be a music manager is a question frequently asked by people who are interested in the field of music management. Of all the careers in the music business today, the music business management career is simultaneously the most demanding (“why aren’t you doing more”) yet sometimes the most under-appreciated (“well, anyone can do that!”) in the eyes of many in the music community. This can be attributed mainly to the fact that in today’s D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) era the role of the music manager is often seen by some as that of simply the “musician’s helper” as opposed to “career architect” as it should be.

If this is the case, why would anyone want to be a music manager or start a music management company? The answer lies in the potential for rewards and satisfaction that can be achieved when a manager marshals together the necessary resources and connects with the right artist at the right time to execute the perfect game plan that results in success. The path to success, however, is littered with those that have tried ahead of you and failed; so if you are interested in the field of music management you have to enter it

5 entertainment tips to make your events stand out

There are some fantastic acts out there for event planners but ensuring that you pick the right entertainment for your private party or corporate event is crucial. Not only that, guests will expect to remember the occasion. So… here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Do Your Research

This tip sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do their research prior to booking. Look at photos, watch YouTube videos and assess reviews online. Entertainment isn’t cheap so it’s always best to give yourself some piece of mind and guarantee that you are getting what you are paying for. You can also search for entertainment acts and speak to them directly at large scale events like ibtm world or AIME.

2. Pick Entertainment to set the Tone

Entertainment is essential for setting the tone of your event. Choosing a stand up comedian will provide a completely different mood to a glowing dance show for example, so pick carefully depending on the demographic and aims of the event.

3. Don’t Hide Your Entertainment Away

Entertainment is there to ensure that you have fun! Many events place their background music in the corner, which is fine but ultimately forgettable. Many of our

5 ways to be a better human at the zoo

Your job: Be interesting. Researcher and author Laurel Braitman explains.

Let me be clear: I don’t like zoos. Looking at captive animals depresses me. They often seem a little glazed over, busy pacing in tight figure eights, eating their own poop or using it to fingerpaint the walls of their enclosures. They’re also prone to depression and the development of compulsive behaviors. Because of this, many critics of the captivity industry say that zoos and aquariums are veritable prisons for the animals who live there — and some certainly are.

But others are more like five-star hotels, if a hotel without a checkout desk could still get five stars. I know a few people who’d choose to live this way if they could — ordering all their meals from room service, every need met by a friendly staff member in a crisp uniform.

For me, though, hotel life would be monotonous and stifling. And this is true for many other creatures too. It turns out the biggest stressor of captivity may not be the animals’ constricted range, bullying cagemates or the proximity of loud visitors rapping on the glass or refusing to turn off their camera flashes, but boredom. The thousands of hours between meals