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Are you familiar with DG Customer First? Yes, it is the customer survey program from Dollar General Stores Company. There, the customers are free to share their complaints about Dollar General Products, pricing, store cleanliness, services and all spots in the stores. Even, the company appreciates your time with Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes with 00 cash. The first thing that you have to prepare is about to keep your Dollar General Receipt Coupon because it keeps the survey invitation codes. Here, we are going to help you easy in taking the survey and win Dollar General Stores Sweepstakes. Can you imagine the things that you can buy for 00 cash? Of course, you can get anything. Awesome!

About Dollar General Receipt Coupon

If you know, it is possible to take Dollar General Customer Survey even if you don’t have Dollar General Receipt Coupon. It is the script of your last payment transaction. There, you may find out Survey Invitation Codes, Dollar General Store Numbers, the date of the last eatery experiences as well as the total amount that you spent. For your information, you have the responsibilities to keep your Dollar General Receipt Coupons as it may lead you to be the winners in the Dollar Rental Survey.

Dollar General Receipt Coupon to win 00 cash from Dollar General Store
Dollar General Receipt Coupon to take DG Store Survey at

So that you know, you may fail to win and get 00 cash from Dollar General Survey when you lose your Dollar General Receipt Coupons. Then, shortly after completing the transaction, it is better to take part in the survey with no waiting too long times. Yes, guys! It is the best time to take the survey and be happy with the reward from Online Survey Website.

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How to Participate in DGCustomerFirst with Dollar General Receipt Coupon?

As talked before, this survey is available in a digital survey style. Of course, Dollar General Customers can get the survey via online through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Well, to get the website, they are free to visit Portal. The website is opened for 24 hours of operation. Guys, you should not worry that Portal will disturb your time. Even, you can finish this survey only within five minutes only. Then, you can wait for the next information about Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes.

For information, to get all complaints and review, DGCustomerFirst is also ready for the offline survey style. In this case, the customers can send a letter to Dollar General Survey Teams to Po Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325 with attn: Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes. But, before sending that mail-in reviews, you have to prepare some things. And, they are about a piece of paper on 3 x 5 inches size, the writing utensil. In this case, you have to make sure that your handwriting is readable.

About DG Customer First

As mentioned above, it is the customer survey that aims to collect the customers’ review. For information, those reviews can help Dollar General Store to improve their performance and revise the right spot. Even, this survey is the right tool to get closer to the customers. Hence, to support those aims, DG Customer First covers the survey with the appropriate questionnaires related to the store’s performance. Well, it discusses:

  • The products
  • Services
  • Employee’s friendliness
  • Store cleanliness
  • Cashier and payment easiness
  • Range of visit
  • Likelihood for promoting
  • And, problems that appear on the last shopping.

What are the Kinds of Questionnaires from Dollar General Receipt Coupons Survey?

Alright, it is a must to give your best in Dollar General Store Survey. However, you have to keep in your mind that Dollar General Stores has given us the simple requirements to access the survey win 00 cash. Yes, we only need to keep Dollar General Receipt Coupon and enter the survey invitation numbers at Portal. Then, it is your time to give the best to DG Teams by answering these kinds of questionnaires, and here they are:

  • Close-ended questions

First of all, you can know that DG Customer First eases every single step at Site. Yes, DG Teams has prepared the simple portal where you don’t need to give the extra energy to complete the first section. Here, you only need to tap on the appeared scores where it reveals your level of satisfaction.

  • Open-ended questions

Meanwhile, you may face the free sections where you can give the descriptive feedback about the last shopping experiences in Dollar General Stores. In this section, you will see some blank spaces where you can type down the reviews in the form of words and sentences. For some people, this section is the most interesting instead of the others because they can explore their ideas about Dollar General Stores.

The Rules to Use Dollar General Receipt Coupons at

Guys, once we are ready to take DGCustomerFirst com Survey, we are going to obey the rules and agree with the requirements. No talking much, here the rules are:

  • At first, we need to be the legal residence of the United States of at least 18 years old above.
  • We are not a part of Dollar General employees, staff or families.
  • Then, we have to provide Dollar General Receipt Coupons which contains the survey numbers. Even, it has the expired days for the next seven days of the last shopping.
  • After that, we have one opportunity to use Dollar General Receipt Coupons in each survey entrance period. Each of you must limit only one survey for one family.
  • When we become the winners in DG Customer First Sweepstakes, we have to complete the eligibility forms within ten days of the last notification. Even, we will receive the Dollar General Receipt Coupons Survey Winners via phone, email or even the postal mailing services. We have five days only to confirm the notification.
  • Even if we are not reachable or do not complete the eligibility form, we may lose the opportunity to exchange our Dollar General Receipt Coupons with 00 cash. If you know, Dollar General Customer Service Teams have the full authority to rename you with the other potential winners.
  • You should not worry about the winner’s selection as the teams apply the random drawing selection.
  • At last, we should not pay the extra payment for both of the surveys and reward that we have got.

About the Requirements to Take Part in Dollar General Online Survey

Well, you should not worry when you hear that there are some requirements before getting the online customer survey program. In this case, you have an obligation to prepare them all when you want to be the winners at Online Survey Platform. And, here the requirements are:

  • Dollar General Receipt Coupon

The first thing as the key to open the survey is about your Dollar General Receipt Coupon. You have to make sure that you own this requirement after completing your payment transaction. For information, you may need to enter the invitation codes, store numbers or even the date and time of the last visit. Even, all of them are available on your Dollar General Receipt Coupons.

  • The device

Then, you will need a set of computers to access Website. Even, you are free to select a laptop, a tablet, and even a mobile phone.

  • Browser

After that, once you prefer to take Dollar General Survey by using Dollar General Receipt Coupons, you have to make sure that your device is supported by the latest version of the internet browser.

  • Connectivity

For the next, as long as the internet connection is ready with you, you can hope that everything will go to be okay. Indeed, your Dollar General Survey instead.

  • Language

At last, when you have owned Dollar General Receipt Coupon in your hand, you should not waste the many time with hesitating about Survey. Yes, you can get the site, but you have to be sure that you are capable of using English or Spanish in your written communications. Those languages are the language options when you access DG Customer First Survey.

How to Complete DG Customer First Online Survey?

For the next, we are going to show you some simple steps to take DG Customer First Online Survey. Take it easy, as long you have obeyed the rules, your opportunity to win 00 cash may be opened largely. And, to win it, you must:

  • Step one:

First of all is about to visit and fill in the store number as well as 20-digit survey codes. There, we can match it with the receipt on our hand.

  • Step two:

We are able to click on “Start.” Once you visit on the website, it is better to read the sweepstakes rules and make sure that you don’t miss the information. Important, you have to get the exact date of the survey entry period.

  • Step there:

Then, we need to response the DG Customer First Questionnaires as soon as possible. We are going to face like-scale statements and open-ended questions where we can type in the answer descriptively.

  • Step four:

For the rest, we can take the sweepstakes program and fill in the personal information. In this case, we may need the information about the name, personal data and contact details. And, the next performance is about to wait for the next announcement from the DG Customer Services.

How to Check Dollar General Receipt Coupon Survey Winners?

Well, you should not be sad when you did not receive the calls or chat from Dollar General Stores. But, it is not a mistake when you try to gain more information about the winners at Survey. At that time, you can choose to try these ways, and here they are:

  • At first, you can visit and click on the “Sweepstakes Rules.” You will see this menu on the bottom side of the website.
  • After that, you can send the request via postal mailing address. In this case, you have to send the letter before the fifth of April 2019 to PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325 with Attn: Winner List, Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes.

About Dollar General Stores Profile

Alright, you have passed the step by step in DG Customer First Survey. Now, it is fine when you try to dig more into the Dollar General Store Profile. Anyway, it is one of the largest retail and groceries stores in the United States. You may find more than 16.500 Dollar General Locations which it is headquartered in Tennessee. Even, “Save Time, Save Money, Everyday” becomes the motto of Dollar General Stores that make it very popular among the customers.

Today, you can find Dollar General Stores expands the services in some kinds of treatment. Not to mention, you may shop the various brands and products such as food and groceries, health and beauty aids, home necessities, Warehouse, Cleaning Supplies, Pet supplies, and much more. Meanwhile, you can be happy with the various interesting offers such as Dollar General Member Card, Free Dollar General Gift Card, as well as the ads and coupons discount. For the details instruction to get those special promotions, you can visit as the official website.

Dollar General Official Customer Service

Do you know? You have the opportunity to win the free Dollar General Gift Card when you have recently shopped at Dollar General Stores. But, there are some requirements and rules that you must agree with. Then, to get more information about Free Dollar General Gift Card, you can visit and click on Dollar General Gift Card Menu. There, you may be happy as finding out the way to speak with Dollar General Customer Service. Yes, you can click on “Customer Service” menu or send the message in DG Mobile Alerts. At that time, you can type down the questions and send it to 34898.


At last, we may be happy with 00 cash from DG Customer First Program. Guys, just in case you are not able to take the online survey, you can send the feedback via letter to Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. Best Luck!

Dollar General Receipt Coupon – Take 00 Cash from Dollar General Store
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