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Wellington Weddings Publishes the Premier Wedding Guide for New Zealand Couples


(New Zealand) According to Statistics New Zealand, 20,125 marriages were registered in the country in 2014, with 13,958 marriages being the first for a couple. Another 2,898 overseas residents opted to marry in the country also, and each couple needed to plan their big day. Many opted to turn to Wellington Weddings (, the premium wedding guide, for assistance in this task.

“From the very beginning, we decided to focus on showcasing the city’s finest suppliers – the best venues, caterers, florists, the most talented photographers, the most in-demand makeup artists and hair stylists. We offer our users a curated experience, where every supplier has been carefully handpicked and invited to be a part of the guide.” Sam Browne, Wellington Weddings co-founder, announces.

Wedding trends change from year to year, and couples wish to keep up with these trends. Browne picks pastels and metallics as a massive trend we are going to see in 2016, along with satellite bars (a bar offering a special cocktail, spirit or wine tasting), late night karaoke(!) and a move away from traditional dining tables at the reception in favour of very long rectangular tables designed for the most inclusive, communal experience.

“Every week, we publish new blog articles in conjunction with our talented, highly experienced wedding experts. Review top ten lists, get expert advice and learn about how to make your wedding day everything you want it to be with the help of this resource. In addition, couples may choose to follow Wellington Weddings on Facebook and Instagram to ensure they have the latest information at all times,” Browne declares.

The weekly newsletter becomes another invaluable tool when planning a wedding. Couples find they have information delivered right to their inbox, so they can read it while on the go and learn more about the many wedding offerings in the area, upcoming competitions, the latest information on the blog and more. The goal of Wellington Weddings is to provide everything a couple can need when planning their day.

“Visit the site today and learn about how Wellington Weddings can be of assistance to you. Every couple deserves to have a wedding they’ll remember for a lifetime. Everything we provide is designed to help them achieve this goal,” Browne states.

About Wellington Weddings:

A premium wedding guide catering to individuals in Wellington, New Zealand, Wellington Weddings provides a comprehensive, curated directory of the premier wedding suppliers, including venues, dress makers, photographers and more. Each week, the guide provides exclusive expert advice on a variety of topics, including how to find the perfect wedding photographer, makeup and hair trends, buying a tailored suit, choosing the right flowers and more. Wedding Showcases are published every quarter and highlight gorgeous real weddings throughout the city.


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Homes – My Most Valuable Tips

Getting the Appropriate Roofing

People put up roofs last during construction. It is important for people to have good roofing materials. Their houses will look good as a result. Items inside the house are also protected from damage with the help of the roof. Roofing materials chosen should therefore be appropriate to enable them last long. This will save the owners from having to constantly replace them. There will as well not be leaks coming from the roof. There are some essential factors that need to be put into consideration when selecting roofs.

The climatic condition of a place is one of the factors to consider. Regions which have strong winds need to have roofs that are strong and heavy. This is to prevent these winds from blowing them off. The top of these roofs should also be free of shingles. This prevents resistance to the wind that can damage the roofs. For those in humid regions, they should ensure that the materials they use for roofing are rust resistant. Development of rust is encouraged by humid conditions. To prevent formation of rust, people can have their roofs painted.

The type of roofing framework used should also be put into consideration. The weight of the roof should be efficiently supported by the framework. Heavy roofing materials on a weak framework can destroy the roof. The framework of the roof should also be well spread out so that the roofing materials are well laid. In order to get the right roofing framework, people should get qualified roofing contractors.
The Art of Mastering Renovations

The amount of money available for roofing also needs to be considered. Some of the materials can be very expensive. People need to have the money ready in order to prevent delays when putting up the roof. It is also important that owners tell their roofing contractors the types of roofs they desire to have. This will enable them to set up appropriate budgets for the construction. Cases of construction stopping halfway as a result of insufficient roofing materials are therefore prevented.
Smart Ideas: Renovations Revisited

Laws relating to different areas also need to be looked into. There are regions in which the materials to be used are required to be environmentally friendly. A person will therefore have no option but to have these types of roofs. There are neighborhoods that require the use of the same type of roofing materials. This is for the purposes of uniformity. When getting roofing materials people should consider such factors. They will not incur the problem of having to change the roofing material they used.

Different sites give information on different types of roofing materials and their characteristics. A person can therefore go through them to enable them select the roofing materials of their choice. People should also go through product reviews of the various roofing companies so that they know where to source their roofing materials.

Inter-Jurisdictional Auto Insurance Problems in PA!

PA car insuranceThe realities of North American geography and the mobility of its inhabitants make it inevitable that, from time to time, people suffer injuries in car accidents away from jurisdiction by which they reside, according to auto insurance in Pennsylvanian sources tell me  Largely because there are various no-fault schemes in Canada which are not uniform, certain questions arise concerning the effect of extra-jurisdictional factors on the rights and obligations, under each scheme, of victims, insurers along with other parties involved. Get auto insurance quotes in Pennsylvania from

Essentially, there are two matters which might arise within this context. One is the result, if any, of the existence of extra-territorial considerations on the obligation of the insurer to pay benefits. The other is the- effect, if any, from the information on a no-fault scheme and associated rules restricting tort claims in one jurisdiction on the tort liability of a defendant in another jurisdiction. The truth that you will find both contractual and tort rules involved complicates the picture in terms of conflict of law rules  and it’s useful to keep your two entirely separate for the purpose of discussion. It’s also convenient to divide the topic of the insurer s obligation into three parts. The very first of those concerns those situations where the insurer must treat
the victim as though there were no extra-territorial elements in the facts from the case. The second part identifies those circumstances in which the insurer needs to assume the obligations required of an insurer in another jurisdiction. The 3rd deals with cases in which insurers from several jurisdiction are independently obligated to reply to exactly the same loss Pennsylvania insurance.


Insurers under all Canadian schemes must respond to some claims involving extra-territorial factors as though they had arisen entirely inside the jurisdiction. The British Columbia scheme provides cover for an “insured” for death or injury caused by any sort of accident that occurs in Canada, or, in the case of an insured other than a cyclist or pedestrian, any place in america or on the vessel travelling between Canada and the Usa.  An pennsylvania auto insurance “insured,” it will be recalled,  is anyone named within an owner’s or driver’s certificate (being proof of insurance), a member of such person’s household, an occupant of the vehicle licensed within the province which isn’t required to be licensed but which is operated with a person named in a driver’s certificate, or perhaps a cyclist or pedestrian who collides in Canada having a vehicle described in an owner s certificate. Thus, anyone who is struck anywhere in Canada by a B.C. vehicle is entitled to claim B.C. benefits, much like the occupants of the B.C. vehicle in an accident any place in Canada or the Usa. Lear more here