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The Bears Wedding Band Announces They Recently Played The Wedding of the Year


(Hertfordshire, UK) The Bears Wedding Band announces they recently played The Wedding of the Year for The Wedding Magazine. Nuala and Adrian, the happy wedding couple from Lancashire, beat dozens of other couples to win their dream wedding day. The wedding took place at Notley Abbey, the former residence of Vivian Leigh and Laurence Olivier and a part of the Bijou Weddings portfolio of beautiful venues across the country.

“Weddings are special to all who are invited to play a part in a couple’s big day. We look forward to sharing moments with newlyweds and their family and friends, and this wedding is one we will remember for some time to come. The couple shined with happiness, and we were able to see them off on their new life together. We are thrilled we were asked to take part in this event,” Martin Bushell, spokesperson for The Bears Wedding Band, declares.

Adrian and Nuala opted for a woodland theme for their special day, and 40 guests attended the intimate autumnal celebration. Suppliers for this event included Enzoani (the wedding dress), French Connection (the suits), Jenny North Cakes, Sonning Flowers and The Wedding Of My Dreams. In addition, the bears were present to serenade the couple and provide entertainment for the guests.

“This is an honour for us to be included in the celebration. Nuala and Adrian were fortunate to be selected to have their dream wedding, and we consider ourselves to be just as fortunate to be asked to play for them. It’s an event we will never forget,” Bushell continues.

The celebration reached its climax with the bears, the United Kingdom’s premier wedding band. Guests thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and the band played some of their most popular wedding songs and covers to ensure everyone had an outstanding time. Music choices ranged from classics from the 1960s to the music of today.

“Check out The Bears’ YouTube videos to see a sampling of our work. We love to spend time with couples across the country as they embark on the amazing adventure of marriage. We would be more than happy to play at your wedding or event. All you need to do is ask,” Bushell states.

The Bears Wedding Band:

Known as a charismatic, wildly addictive covers and wedding band, The Bears Wedding Band continues to amaze audiences across England. Their passion and enthusiasm for live music shows in every song they play and their attention to detail ensures they are regularly booked for gigs both large and small. Clients love their professional attitude and the fact they always deliver an outstanding show. The band plays throughout Hertfordshire, Oxford, Sussex, Norfolk, London, Cambridge and many other locations across the nation.


Martin Bushell
16 Linnet Walk
01707 262622
[email protected]


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On the Benefits of Arts and Crafts Like Knitting

The main entertainments that most of us become involved with are very passive in nature and involve hours of screen time that may not be very good for our brain health. Many scientists have found that entertainments that are more active in nature, like those involving the creation of arts and crafts projects and the use of your hands, are much more beneficial to your brain health. The phenomenon which is sometimes referred to as ‘knitting brain,’ refers to the fact people have known this to be true for a long time.

We live in a time in which people are suffering from a lot of anxiety. There has been a steady proliferation of mental disorders including anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders. In an effort to cope with this kind of anxiety, many people immerse themselves in all kinds of entertainments, many of which really do not do much to address their anxiety at all. In fact, many activities like prolonged television viewing, Internet consumption and playing video games can actually exacerbate this anxiety or complicate things even further.

Recently, there has been a great deal of research supporting the idea that knitting, and other arts and crafts, has a therapeutic effect for people. Even though people take up knitting as a hobby, to make cute little hats, mittens and boots for their babies, the truth is that people derive a lot more from arts and crafts like knitting than just the actual objects that they create. While it is true that knitting is well known for being a relaxing pursuit, the fact is that the therapeutic effects are even more pervasive than simple relaxation.

Recently, researchers have found that the entertainments and activities that we take part in actually have an influence on our brain chemistry. When you actively take part in activities that involve both your brain and your hands, you may actually be stimulating the production of beneficial brain chemicals.

Not only does knitting reduce stress hormones in your brain, but it can also increase amounts of beneficial neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Knitting and other engrossing activities have been scientifically proven to help people who suffer from Alzheimers disease and the symptoms of ADHD. This is known as ‘knitting brain’ and if you are suffering from many of the prevailing psychological symptoms of our time, taking up arts and crafts can provide you with proven benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about knitting and how arts and crafts like knitting can be beneficial to your brain health, the best way to get started is to visit a comprehensive knitting website. To begin, all you have to do is perform a search on your favorite search engine for the benefits of knitting for your brain.


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A Helpful Guide For Beginning Decoupage Enthusiasts

Decoupage is something that individuals have done for well over a hundred years. As a matter of fact, the Victorian Era was the height of popularity for this activity. Over the course of the past several years, decoupage has become fairly popular once more. If you have developed an interest in the art of decoupaging, but you have yet to start working on a project, you ought to have fun reading through the remainder of this guide. As you read on, you’ll see several tips that are meant to help decoupage novices like yourself get started.

The purpose of basic guides like this one is to help you get started on your first project. They are not, however, meant to give you answers to questions that are specifically related to the project you’re doing. Fortunately, there are many other online articles that deal with narrow decoupaging issues; simply do more research if you feel unprepared to start your activity. In no time at all, you’re sure to be a decoupage pro.

Determine What You Would Like to Decoupage

It’s impossible to begin any decoupaging activity until you know what thing you’d like to decorate. With a bit of thought, you should be able to decoupage almost anything you can imagine. Some people, for instance, decoupage entire pieces of furniture; coffee tables are especially popular. Others, though, prefer to keep it simple, decoupaging keepsake boxes, lampshades, or other small items to start with.

Prepare Your Item to Be Decoupaged

There are some things you need to do to ensure that your article of choice is prepped to be decoupaged in the proper fashion. You need to, for instance, dust the item until it is free of any dirt or debris; this is especially important if it’s been in a closet or a storage unit for awhile. Then, you should spend some time cleaning the item in question with a mild type of soap and water. Wait for the article to dry completely before you start decoupaging it.

Buy All of the Supplies You Need to Have On-Hand

Whether you plan to take-up decoupaging as a regular hobby or you’re engaging in a one-time project, you’ll still need all of the same tools. Sharp scissors, rubber cement or craft glue, and a clear acrylic top coat are the most important goods you should have on-hand. If you aren’t sure which craft supply brands are the best or if you aren’t sure exactly what you need to purchase, it would behoove you to spend time talking to someone who works at an art shop in your area.


Epic Video Factory Publishes Exclusive New Guide to Video Marketing for Retail


TORONTO — Epic Video Factory, a leading video production agency, published a new guide covering the effective use of video for retail marketing. Available now at, the new guide details how retailers can extract impressive, concrete returns from their investments into videos that demonstrate or explain particular products. With a proven, straightforward, six-step process that delivers real results to clients, Epic Video Factory regularly works with retailers and companies in a wide range of other industries on business-building video production projects.

“There can be no doubt that online video marketing has really come of age,” Epic Video Factory Director of Video Production Darnell Moses said, “Just how to employ this powerful approach in particular industries, though, is not always so obvious. Our brand new guide tackles one of the most common questions among those looking into their video marketing options. In a clear, to-the-point manner, it shows how retailers can make great use of video for their own marketing purposes.”

If there has been a single most striking outcome of the high-speed Internet connections that are increasingly the norm, it has been the eagerness with which users have employed them to watch video. With video streaming services like Netflix now collectively accounting for somewhere around 70% of the peak bandwidth usage on the Internet, according to broadband firm Sandvine, video is a top priority for users everywhere.

Video also consistently proves to be the most engaging and influential digital medium, too. Hosting platform Brightcove estimates that video generates 1200% more social network shares than text and images combined, with seven in ten marketers now agreeing that video produces more conversions than content of any other kind, according to video marketing specialist Vidyard.

The new Epic Video Factory guide to the use of video for retail marketing details how this powerful medium can be best employed by those in one of the most challenging industries of all. While some retailers assume that individual products will be unable to justify the creation of video assets, the reality often turns out to be otherwise, as the new guide clearly demonstrates.

With an easy six-stage process that makes it simple to create powerful, persuasive product demonstration or explainer videos that directly contribute to improved sales levels, Epic Video Factory has worked with dozens of retail clients, along with many more in other industries, to achieve the kinds of results detailed in the new guide. The guide is available now at the Epic Video Factory website, where samples of the company’s past work and more information about its services can also be found.

About Epic Video Factory:
Epic Video Factory is one of Toronto’s leading video production agencies, always working to deliver results that help clients achieve their goals and do more business.


Hiring the Actual Perfect Marriage Photographer

Just what should an individual be seeking for whenever you appearance at the photographer’s stock portfolio? Professionals think the idea all will come down to be able to storytelling. Fine Art Wedding Photographers provides a individual take about the greatest way to be able to tell any story by way of photos. The actual way any photographer thinks storytelling is usually going in order to inform exactly what they consider photos regarding, how these people take these, where they will are whenever the essential events occur, and every thing else inside between. And also there are usually a couple of variables that will photographers adjust that may make most the big difference from one particular Wedding photography portfolio for you to the subsequent:

Lighting: In case you speak to virtually any photographer, they will tell an individual that illumination is most of precisely what makes any photo fine or negative. One associated with the very best ways to be able to understand lights is to be able to hold upward your side and deal with your hand toward any window. And then start spinning your side back and also forth and also look from the various ways dark areas are throw on your current hand while you proceed it all-around. If an individual face your own personal hand immediately at the actual window, typically the light is categorized very uniformly and well, but in the event that you commence moving your own hand with a 85 degree perspective away through the windows, it produces shadows that will make your own personal hand appearance moody along with dramatic. This specific is just what photographers perform all day time. We assess light. Thus as you’re looking by way of photographers, you’ll commence to see that many of us all enjoy with lighting differently. A number of photographers like really vivid photos that will make the actual world seem light as well as airy, although others make use of light in order to create disposition and sentiment. For example of this, take typically the photos listed below. They are usually of typically the same bride-to-be, taken events apart, yet the mild is entirely different, and also therefore the particular photos are usually totally diverse. Contact James Bennett Photography.

As an individual start shopping through portfolios, spend attention in order to the lighting effects quality within the photos. Are these people dark as well as moody? Vivid and intimate? Each digital photographer has some sort of certain design, and presently there will almost all likely always be one which you fine mesh with far better than other people. You may well also see while you are looking by means of portfolios that will some professional photographers refer to be able to themselves “natural photographers” which simply means that will they merely use what ever light will be available, quite than utilizing a adobe flash or various other lighting setups. If anyone are acquiring married a place dark without having a good deal of house windows, you may want for you to make certain that typically the photographer has learned how in order to create gentle when this isn’t presently there. Contact James Bennett Wedding Photographer to learn more.

James Bennett Photography

Heightline Launches Height/Weight Website of the Rich and Famous Celebrities


(Enugu, Nigeria)–Lives of the rich and famous have always fascinated the public, with magazines paying top dollar for photographs of celebrities and scoops to their exclusive stories. Therefore, it’s no surprise the public is ever curious for more details, even down to the height and weight of its favorite stars. With this in mind, Alexander Moore Partners has recently announced the launch of its recent website Heightline ( a comprehensive article database with complete statistics on the world’s “who’s who”  from height and weight to shoe and waist size.

According to Chuka Udeze, company spokesman, the country, no, the world, truly, has an insatiable curiosity about all things related to celebrities and people simply can’t help but compare themselves to them. “Most people have that one celebrity to whom they identify with; the one they are similar in size to or have the same type of hair. So, it’s only normal they want to learn more about them, from their height and weight to what type of tattoos they have.”

Udeze goes on to say, “People are born one way, but that doesn’t mean it’s the way they want to stay. They see the success of those with similar attributes and want to achieve comparable success, both with their own bodies and career-wise. By tracking them at a site like ours, they’re able to keep their goals in mind and see what they need to do to attain their own levels of success.”

Height Line, officially launched on November 2, 2015, posts articles on models, comedians, musicians and actors, among others, providing in-depth information for the reading public to peruse. “The site is quite beneficial to the reading public, whether you have a bet with friends about an actor from a show and you need to prove your point or you’re writing a paper on a celebrity and need background information. Our site has constantly updated information from the top sources to satisfy any brower’s need to know. Whether it’s Beyonce, LeBron James or Ariana Grande, our comprehensive and ever-growing article database will surely satisfy anyone’s curiosity.”

About Heightline:

Heightline is an online resource focusing on statistics, heights, weights, boyfriends and girlfriends of society’s favorite celebrities. The comprehensive site focuses on celebrities, athletes, politicians and business men, providing full articles regarding not only their measurements but details about their personal lives and careers.

Media Contact

Chuka Udeze
Enugu, Nigeria
Telephone: 2348033350000
Email: [email protected]


Scotland: Gregor Townsend to take over from Vern Cotter as head coach

Gregor Townsend is to replace Vern Cotter as Scotland head coach in June 2017, Scottish Rugby has announced.
Glasgow Warriors head coach Townsend, 43, previously 1xbet worked with Scotland as part of Andy Robinson’s backroom staff.
The former Scotland fly-half, who won 82 caps – plus two for the Lions – led Warriors to the Pro12 title in 2015.
“I am incredibly proud. It is a real honour to be given the responsibility of coaching the national team,” said Townsend.
“My focus is firmly on the season ahead with Glasgow and I will be doing all I can to help the club continue to progress this year.”

New Zealander Cotter, 54, has been in charge of the Scots since 2014 and led them to the World Cup quarter-finals last year.
Shortly before that tournament, the former Clermont Auvergne head coach had extended his contract until 2017.
Scotland lost all five Tests in his first Six Nations but they improved this year with wins over Italy and France, scoring a best-ever 11 tries in a single campaign.
“I believe we have moved forward by working to execute the simple 1xbet  things well,” said Cotter, who has now coached in Europe for a decade after an eight-year spell in France with Clermont Auvergne.
“The focus has been to respect tradition but also perform in the present, be adaptive and innovative. I have been really pleased with the progress that has been made.”

Activities in Las Vegas Other Than Gambling as well as Sightseeing

Generally there are the lot regarding reasons to be able to check out Vegas, thus slimming that will list straight down to a few is any bit tough. The target is usually Vegas clubs and casinos and accommodations. Yet generally there are therefore many far more reasons to be able to visit, particularly in terms of las vegas shows reviews. Let us take some sort of look from our top options:

Whether anyone are seeking to eat out from a buffet, eat fragile meals in a extravagant French cafe or nip into a great amazing trim of ground beef, Las Vegas has a great deal of choices up and also down typically the strip. A number of of the particular worlds the majority of renowned culinary chefs have connected their titles and kudos to the actual ultra-competitive marketplace that is actually Nevada. Not positive where for you to go? Request your assistant, request typically the locals and also read opinions on Yelp. com along with other overview sites or perhaps even inquire your driver! Right now there are a lot of alternatives for most different finances so seldom be scared to consider something brand new!

Vegas offers some sort of long approach since the particular Rat Pack used for you to grace the particular stage in the Sands and various other venues, pulling crowds in order to their smoky show space to hear to the actual legendary artists. While anyone can nonetheless catch any number associated with headliner exhibits in village, production displays now lead the Vegas tape. Seems just like every wherever you change there is usually a fresh display popping upwards with las vegas show discounts, each along with its personal unique concept and very talented individuals.

Be Sure You Have Incredible Video Clips For Your Own Business

There are numerous techniques an organization can use for advertising and to make their own web-site look wonderful. One way, even so, that’s nearly guaranteed to capture a potential buyer’s focus is to create a video. This can help together with both marketing and making the site more appealing to possible buyers, however the company can want to ensure they work together with a professional with this type of process so they obtain a wonderful video that truly shows off their business.

An expertly accomplished video could be useful for marketing or on the company web page. In case they may be using it for advertising and marketing, it may be hosted on a video sharing web page in order to appeal to as numerous individuals as is possible or even it might be published on their web site as well as connected to social websites or through other ways to try to get it to reach as numerous potential clients as is possible. If perhaps the company owner simply desires to make their own web page more desirable to prospective buyers, they can include it on the main page of their own web-site or on a page the web site visitors may easily find if they’re looking for more details.

To be able to produce a video recording that’s genuinely most likely going to capture a possible buyer’s attention, the business owner can need to look into specialist video production as well as editing services. This lets them work along with a specialist from the very beginning to the end to ensure they obtain a video clip that appears amazing. If they’re not sure exactly what kind of video recording they need, the expert may assist them to think of ideas. Next, the professional will produce and edit the video clip to be able to be sure it looks wonderful as well as is likely to be something a potential buyer may wish to observe.

If perhaps you’d like to add a specialist video to your marketing ideas or even to your current website, you will wish to work together with a professional from the very start to be able to make sure you have a video clip that’s going to draw in brand new prospective customers. Look into the Suite Spot services today to find out a little more about how they’re able to help you to get the video clip you really want. Obtain more information at today.

Why No One Talks About Entertainment Anymore

Men’s Magazines Will Live Forever

A men’s magazine has a huge variety of topics that would interest men most, Anything that you consider to represent masculinity, the men’s magazine has that.

These magazines are very well-known because of their good subjects, information on men’s health, compelling and fascinating articles, as well as the pictures that makes reading fun.

Magazines are excellent reading materials that not only entertains us but also gives us knowledge on different subjects. Men’s magazines are informative when it educates us on various subjects but at the same time it has it’s right amount of humor and entertainment to balance things out. Due to the short but informative and easy to read articles, reading men’s magazines can be very satisfying and fun. Unlike most books and even newspapers, men’s magazines are full of great imagery, making it even more interesting.

Due to the fact that we live in a world where technology is constantly improving, there are a lot of paper publications that are not doing so well. Even if it is already possible to read articles in the internet, nothing will compare to reading the traditional way, it cannot give you the satisfaction of holding that fine glossy paper with interesting subjects and nice images.

Men’s magazines consist of a huge variety of different interesting subject matters. Whether you are looking to read about men’s health, sports, beautiful women, and many others, chances are you’d find it in the men’s magazine.

There are some men’s magazines that are more specific. For example, men’s hobbies, some will talk more on exercising, others on working, cooking, etc.

It is a known fact that magazines target specific audiences based on what subjects would interest them the most but believe it or not geography is also a big factor. There are a lot of publications for men’s magazines that are destined to go to cities, countries, private homes, and many more, this is the reason why they are very popular.

As you read, it becomes clear that most men’s magazines are financed by different companies that endorse their products and services in the magazine’s pages. Normally we buy these magazines, they are not for free, there are even some people who subscribe to get them on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This is very important for them so that they won’t be obsolete. With technology in the brink of making traditional men’s magazines a thing in the past, these magazines need our help, let us continue to support them by buying and subscribing so that we may continue to enjoy it’s benefits for us. Technology is great, it true that it is very beneficial for us, however there are just some traditional things that cannot be replaced by anything.